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Junior Khanye predicted everything right and he won the love of South Africans once more

Junior Thabo Khanye is a South African association football player who played for Malanti Chiefs in the Swazi Premier League and also Kaizer Chiefs at the Premier league but now he has retired from football after short career because of his behavior.

Former Kaizer Chiefs player Junior Khanye keeps winning, His path to restoration keeps getting better and now he's a man of God and born again.

He is now a man with many titles: an ambassador, soccer analyst, an actor and a radio host - his road to getting back what he had previously lost is all coming together.

His most predictions more especially on Kaizer Chiefs always comes correct after the game. Yesterday he gave straight prediction that Kaizer Chiefs won't beat Maromo instead both team will draw zero zero. After the game his predictions was correct.

At first people thought he's just a bitter man towards Kaizer Chiefs but since then his analysis from coach to coach, player to player and management to management came out right. Soccer loving fans are loving him for what he's doing.

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