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" It's getting personal stop the challenge" Mzansi reacts after seeing something strange in his post

South Africa is becoming aware of a new trend in which a person will write anything on paper in large letters, then take that individual and place her or him in front of her or him. You can write whatever you want, the trend challenge is circulating on the internet, people are joining the challenge, but it appears to be getting personal. After seeing a picture of a medical student joining the trend, some became dissatisfied with his caption. He went on to remark that at the very least, he is taking a course with more opportunities than others.

His post did not sit well with many individuals, who are fully aware that South Africa has one of the highest rates of unemployment. People are depressed because they are unable to obtain work, which is a very delicate matter. Things seems to be getting out of hand. Share your thought about this medical student post.


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