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Whose fooling who? A number of parties have come out refusing coalition claims

The dust has settled and the local elections have come to an end. It's been a week of major disappointment with many parties failing to live up to their expectations. A number of parties have come out to refute claims of any coalition with opposition parties. So who is being fooled here?


Action SA leader Herman Mashaba came out and vowed to his supporters that his party would not go into coalition talks with the African National Congress (ANC) after the results of the local elections were made public by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). This sparked a lot of conversation on the likelihood of Mr Mashaba going into coalitions with the Democratic Alliance (DA) - the same party he left in 2019. With the ongoing feud between the two most supported parties in the country (ANC & DA), a likelihood of them going into a coalition is something farfetched. Following a meeting of its Federal Executive on Sunday, the DA announced that it had ruled out going into coalition governments with the ANC and the EFF. So who does that leave them down to?

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Well with over 60 municipalities hung without a clear 50% majority, the DA, ANC, EFF, Action SA and IFP have all got to put their egos aside and put the people of this country first. IFP president Velenkosini Hlabisa said that they only wanted honest partners and working with the ANC would be a step back for the country. One interesting fact raised by a person on Twitter outlined that people can take a party to court if they go into a coalition without their consent.

Parties have 14 days after the declaration of the elections to finalise their colation agreements.

Are we being taken for a ride as the country?

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