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Mpilo’s 18th birthday, Makhumalo is an amazing mother to Her #Uthandonesthembu

Which part of this show makes people think Isthembu is nice and easy or even say”I don’t mind ukuba kwi sthembu”, Musa is not happy, he’s always frustrated, all the wives are definitely not happy. The children hardly spend time with their father. 

These Women have allowed Musa to do whatever he wants.And it's going to continue like this because the women don't like each other, they are not able to stand together and Musa knows that, he can't change it because they will gang up on him.

Musa Mseleku is prepared to pay lobolo or damages for Mpumi kids but he have never payed for Sne . Makhumalo forced him to pay for Mpilo. Mthombeni is such a bully, why is he making the child be like him. Always making things about him. Musa wants to turn his son into Siyacela a man must make a plan to pay lobola to show how serious he is about getting married.

Macele and her hypocrisy, she was saying Mangwabe is dramatic fotlr taking her kids to school because of how they were supposedly treated yet here she is saying when it comes to her kids she can be senseless.


MaKhumalo's relationship with Mpilo is amazing. Treating her like her biological child & not making her feel that she's her stepmother. Her level of maturity is unmatched.

This Family doesn’t giving Sne the same treatment they are giving other kids, She shouldn't be punished for those mistakes she made while she was young.


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