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EFF and ANC members fighting preventing Malema to enter KwaDambuza


Pressures ran extremely intense when Julius Malema went to a democratic station in Pietermaritzburg numerous ANC individuals were not inviting the presence of the EFF pioneer. 

As indicated by the flyingnewslive news report, Economic Freedom Fighters individuals occupied with a squabble with ANC individuals when they forestalled their chief Julius Malema from entering a democratic station in Pietermaritzburg, the occurrence happened on Saturday 18 September 2021. 

The entryways at the democratic station must be shut for security reasons and police were called to intercede, after intercession from the police request was built up and the two ideological groups where scattered, paving the way to Julius Malema's appearance there were signs that there would have been strain. 

Since that specific region in Kwadambuza, Pietermaritzburg and different regions in the KwaZulu-Natal region are generally overwhelmed by the ANC, it's difficult for other ideological groups to be invited or make a leap forward in KwaZulu Natal, fortunately Julius Malema was not hurt during the occurrence. 

It's not the main Julius Malema has experienced a threatening climate where he isn't invited, two or three years back him and his protectors were pelted with stones when they went to Nkandla, it appears to be that he will struggle in winning the help of individuals in the KwaZulu Natal region. 

The full video of the quarrel among ANC and EFF individuals can be seen

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