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SASSA Grant payment dates for October.

In case you're a SASSA award recipient, you must know when your SASSA award is being paid. Here are the SASSA award installment dates for October 2021. 

As we approach the finish of September and the beginning of October, SASSA award recipients will be keen on knowing their award installment dates. 

The SASSA award installment dates for September are: 

* Older Person's Grants 4 October 2021 

* This incorporates any awards connected to these records 

* Disability Grants 5 October 2021 

* This incorporates any awards connected to these records 

* Foster Care Grants 6 October 2021 

* Care Dependency Grants 6 October 2021 

* Child Support Grants 6 October 2021 

With respect to the Covid-19 Special Relief of Distress (SRD) award, for sure's known as the R350 award, there is definitely not a set installment date. Whenever you've been endorsed, SASSA then, at that point, expects to pay before long that. Nonetheless, delays are conceivable. 

Recipients are encouraged to trust that a SMS will say that they can gather their R350 award and ought not take off to gather it in the event that they haven't got a SMS. 

Awards will be paid to the recipient through the strategy they picked while applying for the award, this is pertinent for all SASSA awards. 

SASSA keeps on saying, "There is no compelling reason to race to pull out cash right from the start. When the cash is in the record, it will stay there until it is required". 

Should you have any inquiries for SASSA about your SASSA awards, you can call them at 0800 60 10 11 or visit the SASSA site here.

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