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Mamazala:Things Get Deep And Messy And Leave Dingaan Speechless

This weeks scene of Mamazala had me so puzzled I quit observing halfway to attempt to pull together and returned a couple of days after the fact to attempt to sort out the silly. Dingaan was brought in by Mpho Rammai to come and assist him with a debate he was having with his parents in law and spouse. 

He professed to have paid R30 000 to her family to assist with a memorial service and as up front installment for lobola for his significant other, Thuli who hadn't return to him for a very long time. There's a tangled story here with regards to unsuccessful labors and a long term pregnancy in the midst of clear lies and paranoid notions dependent on nothing. However, what truly grabbed my eye was the lobola (lady of the hour cost) being R100 000. 

I'm not a solid promoter for lobola. I accept we can get rid of the idea. In the Zulu culture which I'm a piece of, we have something many refer to as "umembeso" where the lady of the hour's family gets gifts after lobola, "umbondo" where the lady responds with gifts and food and "umabo". It is the service after lobola, where the real wedding happens. 

These services including lobola can occupy a great deal of time exertion and cash, tons of rands. I'm not sure why we can't simply do the gift giving and continue on. I comprehend that there is a more profound reason for lobola however in these advanced occasions, wouldn't we fairly go on a wedding trip or set a store to the side for a house? 

Perhaps I'm in effect excessively brutal. It isn't the situation consistently that you have issues with lobola. At the point when the families can go to an arrangement together it tends to be something lovely. However, as a general rule it becomes concerning how much cash can be rung out of the husband to be to-be. We shouldn't be getting going an association with one party feeling hatred for their parents in law. 

What's your opinion about lobola? Do you figure we should end it through and through?

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