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Bongani won’t be paying damages to Zinhle’s family.

Cultures differ but one culture that won’t budge is definitely the Zulu culture. It is one group that stands firm in what the believe in.

DJ Zinhle took us through the trailer of her new show called The Unexpected. The show is mainly about her top tier work ethic, new relationship and of course her pregnancy journey. Zinhle sat her 2 older siblings Gugu and Zenzele down to break her pregnancy news and the biggest topic was the payment of damages. This is a common practice among most South African cultures. Zenzele urged Zinhle to let Bongani know that damages are due but Zinhle told them according to Bongani’s culture, damages cannot be paid for a woman who already has a child with someone else.

Zinhle’s siblings expressed their shock over this situation and told Zinhle that they won’t be subjected to Bongani and his family’s beliefs. Bongani did however propose marriage to DJ Zinhle later on the show to which Zinhle refused. Zinhle has always been vocal about disliking marriage, she says if there’s one thing she will never do is get married. Will there be a solution for the 2 lovebirds and their clashing families? Watch Unexpected on BET channel 129 every Saturday at 19:30pm.

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