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Great work by the law enforcement agencies which South Africans will be proud of

The law enforcement agencies are reported to have united and raided some buildings in the Johannesburg Central Business District and made some successes.

This is after the police, who were in the relevant officials managed to confiscate some counterfeit goods. The confiscated goods are reported to be worth R24.5-million.

The South African Police Service united with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department and some brand owners in order to make the raid a success. This is a great initiative by the police as it will go a long way in helping save the members of the community from buying counterfeit goods.

The operation came after the Court granted the law enforcement agencies an order to seize and search the implicated buildings within the CBD. The counterfeit goods that were confiscated are reported to have been consisting of local brands and international brands. They were in the form of clothes and sneakers which are sold to people.


The Johannesburg Metro Police Department used the Twitter platform to reveal the great work that was carried out on the streets of Johannesburg. As part of measures to ensure security in Johannesburg, there were roadblocks being conducted to ensure that people comply with the rule of law. The roadblocks were conducted to avoid the transportation of illegal substances such as drugs or stolen goods.

The roadblocks also ensure that the members of the public comply with the rule of law and that there is no lawlessness.

Still moving on with the great work by the police, they carried out operations of removing illegal posters from the streets of Johannesburg.

Below are the images showing the law enforcement agencies removing the illegal posters.

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