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The Ranakas: Manaka Is Really Not Having It, Michelle Revealed Her Own Family's Struggles

The new season already has drama on the first episode, the Ranakas decided to play a game together as a family. They were playing a card game, you have to answer a question on the card. The energy got heated pretty quick, it went from a fun enjoying game with "Awww" moments to an argument.The questions were very serious/personal for a game, you could tell something was going to happen or a question was going to trigger someone's emotions. It ended in a heated argument, which was expected by a lot of viewers. The Ranaka family are loved for definitely not sugar coating things, they say it like it is.

Yesterday's episode made some people realize that being a present father does not mean you should have a lot of money, you should be there for your child with or without money. Manaka is really not having it, she has been through so much. Dineo is a traditional healer, Mama Siba discussed her own religious in supporting Dineo on her journey towards becoming a traditional healer.

Michelle paid Dineo a visit, she revealed her own family's struggles with grief. People were wondering why Dineo was wearing a wig, some people are used to traditional healers that take of their wig.Mpumi is a great mom, she loves her children. She could be going through a lot but she does not take out her frustrations on her children. Her first born is definitely her look alike, it is giving "like mother like daughter" vibes.

Dineo posted a story on her Instagram today, her father was on a few video on her story. She calls him Mr Miyagi, that is quite an interesting name.

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