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Who knew Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination is not really infringement on your rights

Following up on articles I have read about Mandatory Covid - 19 vaccination, I noticed for many the question asked is weather compelling a person to take the Covid - 19 vaccination would violate human rights entrenched in our Constitution?

Reading more about this question, according to the South African Human Rights Commission ( SAHRC ) " a general law compelling South Africans to get vaccinated would be constitutionally sound under the right circumstances ". It has stated " that a general law mandating Covid - 19 vaccination in South Africa would not necessarily be a human rights infringement ".

Further more information noted from the SAHRC " However, the commission has also called on the government to explore all options to encourage voluntary vaccination first ".

"As heard by President Cyril Ramaphosa " Vaccine Certificates will be rolled out soon", and reading on social media there has been extensive public debate around mandatory vaccination.

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