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Loadshedding Caused Cattle To Lose Their Way, This Is Where They Ended Up

Cattles causes traffic on corner University road in Mankweng complex, the motorists are urged to drive with caution. Most of the people clearly did not expect something like this to happen, but because of load shedding the cattle were caught up in the middle of nowhere. Not seeing where they were going that is why they have taken such decisions, in order to end up in the middle of the road.

Now the people who are responsible of the cattle are supposed to come forward in order to do the necessary things, they have to ensure that their cattle are not anywhere on the road so that they don't affect other people's lives in a negative manner.

The area is currently experiencing load shedding and because of it the cattle have basically wondered into the middle of the road, and started doing just about anything that they want. And that is the real reason that has caused many people to be concerned about this matter, because this injustice cannot be done as it will affect the people in a negative manner which they cannot avoid.

Such negligent things are truly not great for the general public, because they are affecting people in a negative manner. This is definitely something that cannot be allowed to go one when someone crashes into the cattle, the owner will probably want to apologize and not do anything that will help the people who are affected and that is unacceptable.

This is definitely unacceptable and we truly cannot have such a situation affecting the ordinary members of the public, which is great and unfortunate however you look at it. Many people are truly surprised, that these cattle were even discovered in the middle of the intersection due to the darkness.

The owner must not really care about them that much where he would ensure that they are locked up safely at their premises, especially in that time of the hour when it was incredibly dark outside.

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