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Unstoppable fight between ANC Members and the Community Members.

ANC is a big party that is leading in South Africa, the party that promised South Africans that it will do better for the communities and for poor people. But honestly when we look in other side of ANC is trying to kill poverty to young South Africans by providing them with scholarships, bursary's, social grant etc. But some of South Africans are really tired of ANC with empty promises. Now they taking power in their hands, they start beating ANC members when they come to campaign in their communities. Because ANC they start showing up during election times, but all along where no where to be found when poor communities they need them. ANC is not something that you can trust at all is always disappointing us and it still going to disappoint us even more. To watch the video of Community members beating ANC members please click the link below:

And lastly when we look in other side the South African country problem is not politicians, but the voters who don't listen. As long as the calibre of voters remain as they are, our reality will never change. "We will give you free electricity, houses, and grants" is the most disabling promise. Create jobs and let people learn a living. But Voters are one issue but we have another big issue and that is we lack any credible alternatives. None of these are parties are offering anything worth getting excited about. Our biggest question is who do we look up to as mzansi voters right now. If elections were tomorrow which party right now will actually do as they promise? We feel like as things are we all just vote from a place of Hopelessness. But we are so happy now that our grannies know a fact that ANC isn't the one paying their grants but tax payers money.

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