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Road Accident

Man set himself on fire in his car in Muldersdrift


Community say they waited for about 45 minutes for emergency services to arrive. Person burned beyond recognition jnside his vehicle, this left people traumatized as the could not understand what his reason was fir doing such a thing. Life gets tougher by the day make sure you are okay all the time and carry your own weight. This is so sad this man must have been through the worst to end up doing this to himself.

Due to pandemic most man lost their jobs, unlike woman most man can't stand the pressure of joblessness ,and due to the pressure man are joining occults groups to sustain their once nice lifestyle . I think down the line man can't stand the conditions thereof so they finally self sacrifice to avoid handing over their family members to darkness. We should be strong and patient under uncertainty as man, I've witnessed this cruel self sacrificing incidents a number of times this year. Taking such drastic decisions us not the solution as you must be able to face your problems head on.

You can see the car was in a serious a ccident before and he tried to fix it, visible body work on it . Probably there's a lot the guy was going through, Finances could be one of them because it's not done. There's no finishing on the car and if he decided to burn himself and the car it could mean the car was giving him serous headaches, like when people kill their spouses and turn on themselves. It could be that he wanted to finish the problematic car and himself.

Atleast he didn't kill someone, maybe he couldn't have lived with the guilt and shame only him and his God knows what he went through. He left all the sorrows and wickedness of this world. Men go through a lot too, when they express their problem they tell them that they are weak.

I don't blame him sometimes the pressure its just too much. I couldn't sleep because of my teenage son, i had to cry my lungs out in tax right now and my eyes are swollen only because of someone I brought on earth. Raising him alone and the thanks I get its just not fair, this man could have also been going through something that was giving him sleepless nights.

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