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Orlando Pirates Fan Saying They Don't Have A Coach

There are no clear news regarding that orlando might want release their coach. Though one of their fan had raised it that they do not have a coach. And If that point is to be raised by many more of the fans. The coach's job could be on the line.

It is clear that the lose of orlando pirates on mamwlodi sundowns didn't sit well with some of the fans. Such that now they are starting to metion that they do not have a coach. These are some of the things that could put the job of the coach on the line.

It is a great thing for the coach that not very much people have raised the point that orlando pirates do not have a coach. For the point not to be raised alot. The coach must do something to make the fans happy in the upcoming matches of pirates

To prove what the fan have said here is a comment shared by the fan in the screenshot below.

That is to prove that some of the fans are not happy with the past results of pirates. As they end up saying that they don't have a coach. And also that might lead to pirates in thoughts on releasing the coach. Though time will tell if orlando pirates is to release the coach.

It may be possible that orlando pirates come in the thoughts of releasing the coach. That will depend on the upcoming matches. If the team continues to lose more matches. That means more people will raise the point of pirates to consider releasing the coach.

It is in the hands of the coach to change how people may think of him. If he will keep up with the good work maybe he can be lucky and not put his job on the line.

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