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Opinion| Ramaphosa must increase tax so that he can create job opportunities

Many people are crying about the lack of jobs in South Africa, the worse part they cry to president Cyril Ramaphosa to create jobs for them.

The only way president Cyril Ramaphosa can create jobs is when he increases tax then use the money to create more job opportunities then they can decrease it after 5 years while many people are employed. People fail to create jobs on their own but they want Ramaphosa to create jobs for them. How will the president create jobs for someone who can't even show that he is trying something with his or her life?

There are lots of funds given to people who started their agriculture business, the government is donating millions for people to start their business. But our people are lazy to come up with brilliant ideas of creating job opportunities for themselves, they want someone to come and spoon-feed them.

They are now crying on the government to increase Social Relief of Distress Grant R350 to R1000. You can see that people enjoy being spoiled by the government.

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