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OPINION|| 5 Reasons Why Ramaphosa Is Having A Hard Time Ruling South Africa

It goes without saying that Cyril Ramaphosa is the number 1 most hated President to ever govern South Africa, Here's the 6 main reasons why:

6 Main Reasons Why Cyril Ramaphosa Is Hated:

1. Unfortunately, many blacks have been indoctrinated into believing that they are naturally socialist existing individuals. Any black individual who doesn't saccumb to that socialist ideology, is usually viewed as a sellout.

2. It seems like have bought into this philosophy of idolising people who are perceived to be victims. While martyrdom is something that has existed for generally all of human history, the deification of victim class is slightly different.

3.Unlike Zuma and Mandela, Cyril Ramaphosa himself has no ground support, his power stemmed from his position in the ANC. unlike Thabo Mbeki, who had the chance to get people to warm him up to him, Cyril never got that chance because of the factional attacks within the ANC, weak economy AND lastly the pandemic of covid19.

4. Cyril Ramaphosa is liked by white people and the media. In the black community, if you're liked by whites, then you must be a spy, because real revolutionaries are usually hated by white people.

5. Cyril Ramaphosa isn't aligned with the fake socialist, anticapitalist, tenderpreneuring, corrupt and hypocritical crowd who usually believe that they can be multimillionaires without running a real capitalist business!

These people are very dangerous, they think that they are good, law abiding citizens. Those individuals want to be rich but don't want the sacrifices and risks that come with it.

These kind of people are good at running negative gossip campaigns against Cyril Ramaphosa and destroys anyone who stands in their way.

Do you think President Cyril Ramaphosa is the most hated person in South Africa?....TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION

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