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Nomcebo Zikode tells it all on her sour relationship with Master KG


We all know how some artists in the music industry are misled and eventually expose the label to the media for exploitation. Jerusalem hitmakers Nomcembo Zikode and Master KG also argued about royalties that were not evenly distributed among artists for their song. 

Zikode previously announced in a statement posted on social media that she and Master KG are in an ongoing battle for royalties. Master KG responded, claiming that the agreement she had made with Zikode was to divide the royalties equally, however, the singer wanted 70% of the royalties and should receive a 30% stake. 

Since then, the two have toured the world separately, and Nomcebo recently wrapped up their tour in America and Spain. Commenting on the singer's Facebook post, a fan of the duo stated that she should be grateful that Master KG has given her a life-changing opportunity and hopes that one day they will cease fire and work together again. 

Xola's hitmaker responded to the social media user, who made it clear that he had no problem with Master KG and that the company owed it to her, not him. Nomcebo claims that he never told Master KG anything about the situation, other than that he sent a statement to the company clarifying the money he needs. 

The company allegedly lied to Nomcebo, claiming that the song did not generate money, so they decided to seek the legal assistance of an attorney. Zikode claims that Master KG was just a colleague and not his boss, so he doesn't know why he reacted to the company. 

Nomcebo has made some very interesting connections overseas since the 2020 song was released, and is now by his first name with high-profile industry giants like love and hip hop reality show producer Mona Scott. . 

The singer announced that she was making a cameo in the Love And Hip Hop reality show franchise and Mona shared that it was a pleasure meeting the singer and thanked her for taking the time to be on the show.

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