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Road Accident

"ANC Will Kill For Power" Mzansi In SHOCK As Top ANC Official Beat Women, Days After Soweto Campaign

"ANC Will Kill For Power" Mzansi In SHOCK As Top ANC Official Beat Women, Days After Soweto Campaign.

Just days after Ramaphosa's Naledi Campaign, a top ANC Officials is caught on camera beating up Elderly Women with uppercut jabs to the head and face.

Recall that the people of Soweto have suffered so much from lack of electricity and good roads with some areas reaching a painstaking two years of darkness. 

These are people who once used cement to make roads, yet he taught it wise to visit the great people of Soweto and push the campaign for votes. It was surprising that President Cyril Ramaphosa expected warm welcome with roses and kisses.

In an indirect means to make people vote his party again, the door to door ANC campaign came with deceptive promises. Yes and that's the reason Naledi people almost beat Ramaphosa and his team.

According to the videos made public by IOL, Ramaphosa's unconvincing answers to why the people of Soweto haven't had electricity for so long obviously angered the youths whom angrily shouted at him, even to the point of trying to attack him.

Although that day ended with the sad news of the newly elected ANC Joburg mayor, Matongo being killed in a head-on collision accident on the poorly lit road made by the ANC government. A video has gone viral calling the ANC party gender based violence supporters and killers.

The video posted by twitter user, Nkosinati, showed how inhumane, barbaric and dangers these so called politicians can be if things do not go the way they want it to.

According to the scene in the less than one minute clip, three strongly built unnamed ANC officials on campaign or whatever duties had an altercation with two women and in no time. What could've been settled smoothly took another turn.

They three men teamed up beating the women especially the old lady in pink, punching her head and face. Basically Mzansi was in shock as top ANC officials beat women. Days after Soweto campaign with Cyril Ramaphosa

Dozens have reacted to this with some people taking their hands off saying they will never vote the ANC anymore, others said the ANC government and its members would kill anyone in order to get power.

Here are a few reactions below;

Video: click on the blue coloured link below

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