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EFF used manipulative reporting to win the elections. Look what happened.

The headmaster of EFF Julia's Malema kept the community as a whole to vote for EFF since we'll it a political party that will assist a lot in the community. It is said that the nation will receive good things coming from the party. 

The act Mr Malema resulted the current president to act furiously as hes was scared that EFF shall dominate in the country, even though the African National Congress has dominated in some regions has worked very good. It seems like this year many of our residents has not taken part in voting. This shows that many people were interested in voting but since the people are being empty promised after the election that they will receive real permeant jobs.

Many people the social media have been uttering a lot that this year they are willing to get what they were promised before the elections. Many people are currently wise enough to realize that politics are more likely to use manipulative reporting if not propaganda for their own advantage.

Politians are entitled to stop spreading lies to the community knowingly that they cannot provide them to the community.

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