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Bus Driver Salaries In South Africa In 2022

A bus driver in South Africa makes about 9,990 ZAR per month on average. 5,190 ZAR is the lowest salary, while 15,300 ZAR is the highest (highest).

This is the typical monthly wage, including housing, transportation, and other amenities. Bus driver pay may differ significantly depending on experience, aptitude, gender, or location. A thorough analysis based on numerous factors is provided below.

- Bus Driver Salary Distribution in South Africa:

- The median, the maximum, the minimum, and the range:

Salary Range

In South Africa, the lowest monthly wage for a bus driver is 5,190 ZAR, while the maximum monthly wage is 15,300 ZAR (maximum salary).

Median Salary

Half of individuals working as bus drivers (50%) make less than the median monthly wage of 9,590 ZAR, while the other half earn more than that. The median depicts the value of the middle wage. Generally speaking, you would want to be in the group on the right side of the graph earning more than the median wage.


Two figures that are very close to the median are the 25th and the 75th percentiles. The pay distribution graphic reveals that 25% of bus drivers earn less than 6,650 ZAR while 75% earn more than this amount. The diagram shows that 25% of bus drivers earn more than 11,900 ZAR, while 75% of them earn less than that amount.

- Bus Driver Salary Comparison by Years of Experience

The level of experience has the biggest impact on compensation. Naturally, as you gain more experience, your compensation will rise. The findings of our investigation of bus driver remuneration by level of experience are shown here.

A bus driver with under two years of experience has an average monthly wage of 5,900 ZAR.

In comparison to someone with fewer than two years of experience, a person with two to five years of experience can anticipate to make 7,920 ZAR per month, or 34% more.

Future earnings of 10,300 ZAR per month, or 30% more than those of someone with two to five years of experience, will be earned by someone with five to ten years of experience.

Bus drivers with ten to fifteen years of experience also make 12,500 ZAR a month, which is 21% more than those with only five to ten years of experience.

An someone with fifteen to twenty years' experience may anticipate earning 13,600 ZAR a month, which is 9% more than an individual with ten to fifteen years' experience.

An employee with more than twenty years of industry experience earns 14,300 ZAR a month, which is 5% more than an employee with fifteen to twenty years of industry experience.

— Bus Driver average salary difference by education level in South Africa

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