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Pearl Modiadie finally revealed her baby's face and left everyone speechless, see pictures

Most celebrities in nowadays don't post their babies pictures showing their faces until they turn 1 year old, the reason I believe is because they want to share their babies to the world once they have grown enough to be seen by everyone and a year old I honestly believe it's the best time to show your babies face especially on social media.

Social media can be very overwhelming and has a lot of people who say negative things about someone it even hurts when those negative comments are being directed to a baby and celebrities kids gets more attention on social media.

Pearl Modiadie had her son's birthday party this previous weekend and it was a beautiful birthday celebration when her son was turning 1 year old and she shared a lot of pictures of the birthday celebration but in all pictures she didn't show her son's face as she usually does from day one she announced she had a baby.

And this Monday she decided to bless her social media followers by showing off her baby's face for the first time, she posted one beautiful picture of her with her son including her baby daddy and it was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen on her Instagram page, her baby is very adorable and cute. She broke the internet with this picture as many have been dying to see her baby's face and she finally did.

Pearl Modiadie is not the first South African celebrity to share a baby's face after they have turned a year old or more than a year old, there are other South African celebrities who have been doing it before her to protect their kids from social media negativity.

Linda Mtoba showed her baby's face after she turned a year old and since then she has been sharing her cute pictures non stop and it's the most adorable thing ever.

Ntando Kunene was married to Idol's winner Khaya Mthethwa and they have a beautiful son and she revealed her baby's face after 2 years of hiding him and he's so adorable, even though she has removed his pictures on social media due to people's negative comments I assume.

Picture sources: Instagram

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