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What are panthers afraid of?

Panthers, no matter how big they are, are still cats, and they become scared for strange reasons.

They are terrified of anything greater than themselves. Elephants, hippos, and giraffes are examples. They are sometimes startled by their own shadow.

So, if you come across one, don't crouch; instead, puff out your chest, raise your arms, and scream as loudly as you can.

They, like every other animal, are scared of fire.

They each have their own set of predators that they fear in their own area. In the case of a black jaguar, they are only terrified of large snakes.

But I'm convinced panthers are most terrified of humans because we're the most evolved species in the animal realm.

This is an example of a very scary panther.

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EDIT: I seem to have sparked a debate on my use of word. I meant more…better? Advanced? You know. Like how humans have guns and other things. At the top of the food chain (is that the right word?)

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