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No need to panic as applications for teacher assistant posts has been extended to 10 October

The basic education employment initiative has extended the date for phase 2 of the teacher assistant and general school assistant program.

This program was opened on the 27 September and it was expected to close on the 3rd of October, but it has now been extended to midnight 10 october. This is really good news given that there has been some issues with the mobisite.

When applications are all done on mobisite, this will allow for a fair process on the selection of applicants. We know that last year there were some complains about some schools that were accused of nepotism. It was alleged that they choose some of their family members for the opportunity. This time around there will be fairness.

As the closing date for the application has been extended, the government is also planning on having an alternative way of applying beside the mobisite. The details are not yet finalized on the process.

It has been a struggle for applicants to find some of the schools that they want to apply to, and this will also help as they try to find whether the school they wish to apply at is part of the initiative.

Those who where part of the phase 1, are still able to apply. They will not be automatically selected just because they were part of phase 1. There won't be any preference.

The dedicated staff of sayouth will be working around the clock to ensure that they assist as many youth as they can to apply for this opportunity. They will be working on a Saturday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM as they try to help with the registrations.

We know that the stipend has been increased a little bit this time around compared to the one of last year, which was R3500 and now it has been increased to R3800. This will realy go a long way.

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