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Three Reasons Why It Is Totally Wrong To Date A Married Woman

As a guy, no matter how attractive a married woman seems to be, you should always make an effort to keep a distance between yourself and her.

This is because dating a married woman is completely inappropriate in all respects. The following are three reasons why dating a married lady is completely inappropriate:

1.) Biblical justifications: Even the Bible expresses strong opposition to it, and in many passages, the Bible has repeatedly cautioned and condemned anything that has anything to do with dating a married woman as a man. I mean, if you don't fear for your own life, at the very least you should fear and respect God.

2.) It is considered socially unacceptable, which is why, in most cases, when a guy is found sleeping with another man's wife, he is publicly humiliated, beaten, and paraded about town since it is widely seen as a highly humiliating and disgraceful conduct by everyone.

3.) Destruction: Having an affair with a married woman would ultimately result in destruction, and I use the term "destruction" in a broad sense; I am not only referring to the possible destruction of your life, but also the possible destruction of the family of the married woman with whom you are involved.

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