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LADIES after reading this story of a lady who recently got married please consider replying to DMs

A lady who recently got married has set social media on fire after she shared how she met her now-husband. According to this lady, the last thing she will never regret in her life is replying to a DM from a man who later pay Lobola, and made her one of the happiest wives in the world.

According to this lady, it's all started with this man saying; Hey beautiful, and now she is more than happy to share the stunning pictures of her and her husband "This all started with Hey beautiful in May this year. Sengumakoti wase Limpompo me manje Dankie Inbox!!. Girls iyaphendulwa I inbox (It is all started by him saying Hey beautiful to me in the inbox, he said that in May this year, Now I just got married to my man from Limpopo and I suggest you girl reply in your inbox because you can also find your soulmate on social media)" Proudly said this lady who just got married to the man she met on social media.The post of this lady is circulating on social media and people have been reacting to it. The famous influencer, Jobe said most girls won't find love on social media because once a man hops into her DM, and express himself she would take a screenshot and expose the poor guy on Twitter "Most of yall will never reach this stage coz the moment they DM you...Motho rantlhaa screenshot and run to TL" said Jobe.

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