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Boity and Bujy’s heated argument leaked through an audio

The controversial fight of Boity and Bujy turns out to be one of the heayed argument that they had just before the incident of throwing a bottle a boity, which caused her injuries on her face. The audio has leaked about Boity and Bujy and it was very messy.

The two can be heard taking on each other to the point were Bujy even said to Boity that she was a fake sangoma and that did not sit well with Boity. Boity also said that most people don't like Bujy and he is always trying to hard to fit in. It was a very heated argument.

As they were in their argument, there is one thing that Boity said which stood out. She said that we will see were his career will end. There are some things that you say which might just come back to haunt you at the end. Boity should have not allow the argument to get that far as she is sangoma. Sometimes you just have to the bigger person no mater how much you might be angered. Boity said that she will be watching this case with a closer look as Bujy has made bail of R2000.

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