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Was he referring to ANC when he said this? Beware the last kicks of a dying horse

Beware the last kicks of a dying horse.

When the animal knows it is dying it gets a surge of adrenaline from the fear, and the last kicks will be the strongest and most dangerous.


This was definitely referred to African National Congress. The party of the black people, the part of the corrupt people. This party has now broken a world record. A lot of leaders that are within this party, they don't know how deep is the damage that they have caused.

Nelson Mandela should be turning in his grave, so is OR Tambo and Steve Biko. Those guys they sacrificed a lot for the African national Congress to be a party with integrity, to be a party that serves it's people, but right now everybody is taking his or her own direction. Everybody is looking out for himself or herself. It is nomore about serving the Citizens. The part is now full of selfish leaders, it's high time that the masses defeat the system.

Thank you

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