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R.I.P. Bra Steve, Top Alex Businessman Was Assassinated

A well known businessman in the township, Steve Nkuna was shot and killed in Cosmo City.

It heard that the hitmen didn’t take anything from him. The news around his death is still sketchy.

He was residing at No.55-18th Avenue Alexandra. His businesses include tavern, renting rooms and other businesses. This is someone who is very well known in the community and who is well respected, this is the reason why there should be a deep investigation from the police in this matter.

This man was a very great figure to all the members of the community and he was a great example to the community, his death came as a shock and it surprised everyone who was very close to him this is a very difficult time and the community needs closure.

This is a developing story, the police are going to conduct the necessary investigations in order to find suspects who had committed this horrible crime and ended the life of a man who was well on his way to greatness, this is something that is very disturbing because he was left for dead lying down on the floor and he was begging for help before he completely died.

This is a clear assassination on the man's life and it isn't clear who had masterminded this assassination, however the Hitman is alleged to have came onto the scene and then proceeded to unload his firearm on the victim killing him after firing several shots towards his chest and head.

The suspect quickly got away from the crime scene - members of the public were not able to really get the description of the suspect because of the traumatic nature of the whole incident, however this might have really got some people's attention and it could have become something that is hard to forget so members of the public are urged to come forward with information that would lead to the suspects' arrest.

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