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Knowing if a man is right for a long term relationship.

The fact that youre asking questions about whether or not your man is right for you automatically puts you ahead of the crowd.

Congratulations. You are a long term thinker. This is good because so many women these days dont even think about commitment until they get into crisis mode after a fight or are in the process of breaking up.

The question Is he right for you is most important for your relationship because it involves a long term perspective. You have to see your relationship with your man more objectively if you want to know you have the same beliefs for life and the same desires and outlook for the long term. If you want to have children and he wants none, then you may have a big problem that needs to talked about seriously.

If he wants to travel the world and go on adventures, but the farthest you want to go is to the closest national park, then you may have some differences that need settling. If hes a deviant and youre not, I hope you get the idea.

The idea behind this is to consider whether you and your man can be happy together and maintain romance for the long term. So if youve ever wondered whether he is the right one for you for life, it is highly probable that there are some personal compromises on both sides that need to be made for the relationship in order to move smoothly to old age.

Sometimes, when we meet a man who has a lot of qualities that we find attractive both physically and intellectually, we naturally feel that they are the right one for us. But is that enough for the long term? Because it could be just a fling, something flirty and not totally serious, or exclusive.

Men and women can sometimes have chemistry for each other, and really enjoy the company, and even be attracted on a more intimate level - but lack depth and ability to care or talk about real issues that really create a loving bond. Some couples dont have a future.

It should be your priority to ask yourself whether this is a fling or a relationship you want to get deeper into. For a deeper relationship to even happen, there needs to be a mutual respect between each other and an understanding that a mans needs are quite different from a womans and vice-versa.

The stability and happiness you feel in your committed and exclusive relationship really does partly depend on this factor. You can respect each others differences and create time away by understanding you need to let your man be himself, and having your man letting you be yourself.

And then definitely also spend time together. On top of this question, you will need to work out whether your man loves you enough to want to and allow you feel free to be yourself, and whether you will commit to accepting his ways too.

Thats where it gets messy. Because when we cant mutually respect our differences when we see who we really are, problems arise. It is normal for fights to break out. The blame game starts, and everything else is going down hill towards disaster. But it doesnt have to be that way.

It is a challenge to see your mans true colors, as it is the same for him to see yours. But if you believe this relationship is not a fling, and has the potential to grow deeper and more passionate. Start the conversation today.

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