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A 68 year old man arrested for selling alcohol illegally

A 68-year-old man has been arrested in Grassy Park for illegally trading in liquor. Police spokesperson, Joseph Swartbooi, says police confiscated liquor with an estimated value of R100 000. Swartbooi says they had initially been out on a call to another residence when they were diverted to the suspect's house: Upon searching a premises, they confiscated a consignment of liquor. While busy at the identified address, their attention was drawn to a house opposite the road. Upon inspection they discovered a huge amount of liquor stored in a room. Liquor with an estimated street value of R100 000 was confiscated. A 68-year-old man was arrested on a charge of illegal trading in liquor - SABCNEWS


Arrest an old man for selling alcohol, what about catching some more hard-core younger criminals a 68 year old is innocent. There's a drug lord dealer who hired that 68 year old to sell that alcohol for him to make profit. Our officers do not target those people but they target the poor that makes us think you can do anything wrong, and dont get caught because you have moneyThat makes me wonder if they work with them or not, can they leave the poor man and target serious criminals, kids are kidnapped and get killed everyday but you wont see anyone being busy about it like this. Can we be serious for once as a nation this is not what we want to heare, but we wish if all the kidnappers can be caught and not given bail, but hey its in our mind as citizens but our leaders can even tell you that they are not even aware of the kidnappings, killings, cutting of body parts then you get to wonder who are they leading if they dont even know what is happening to us, their nation

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