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The Changes Noticed In Mama G's Life After She Gave Her Life to Christ (Photos)

Patience Ozokwor, better known by her stage as Mama G, is one of Africa's most prominent actors, and the importance of her film performances cannot be overstated. Typically, she portrays the part of an evil mother in the bulk of her films, leading some to conclude that she herself is a nasty individual in real life. Mama G stunned many of her admirers when she chose to become a born-again Christian and an ordained pastor in 2016. She devoted her life to Christ and began preaching the gospel to the wider public, much to the dismay of her former followers. Three things about her have changed as a result of her decision to seek the guidance of a pastor, which is precisely what I am going to share with you in this post.

The following are three things that have altered in Mama G's life since she began serving as a minister:

In spite of the fact that Mama G is an elderly woman, she enjoys wearing jewelry. One thing that Mama G is well-known for is her love of jewelry; you will find pieces of jewelry hanging from her neck and wrist wherever she goes. However, after becoming a pastor, she has stopped wearing jewelry and her style has become more informal and straightforward.

Mama G is a fashionista who enjoys looking and feeling gorgeous. That is why she wears make-up everywhere she goes, to the point that some people have criticized her for wearing excessive amounts of make-up despite her advanced age. Surprisingly, Mama G has quit wearing make-up after becoming a pastor, preferring instead to seem plain and natural in public these days.

Mama G enjoys wearing pants on a daily basis. Even when she was still a fashionista, she preferred to wear trousers over skirts, and when she did so in public, people remarked that she was dressed in a manner that was inappropriate for a pastor. However, since becoming a pastor, she has stopped wearing trousers and prefers to wear skirts the majority of the time instead.

What lessons have you taken away from Mama G's way of life? Let's hear what you have to say about it.

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