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Teddy pays Don a visit

Teddy pays Don a visit

Teddy is the son of Zodwa and Don. He grew up without his father being around but his mother only. Teddy never knew his dad until recently. Teddy was very excited to meet his dad and get to know him better.

Teddy grew up seeing Melusi as a father figure to him and looked up to him.

Don came back with his daughter which is Teddy's step sister and they have a good relationship and looking after each other.

Teddy, Zodwa and Sbongile who is the daughter of Don have found out that Don is not selling any vaccum equipment but he is stealing people's cars.

They are not thrilled with it and decided to kick Don out.

Teddy just vidited his dad's workplace to notice everything that is happening there with his own eyes, his dad is welcoming him wih open arms because his dad is happy about what he is doing in his life.

Teddy seems to be very disappointed at his dad because he didn't know that his dad will be this way.


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