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Easy And Crispy Chips Recipe



500 ml sunflower Oil

150 grams Potatoes (cut into chips)

1 tablespoon of Flour

Salt and pepper (as desired)

2 Teaspoons of Seven Colours Grill Seasoning

1 Tablespoon of Dried parsley


- Heat the oil in a large pot

- Coat the potatoes with flour, then fry the potatoes in the oil until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

- In a separate bowl, mix salt and pepper, grill Seasoning or any spice of your choice and dried parsley together.

- Season the fries with the spice mixture while they are still hot, add more salt if needed

- you can make a cheesy sauce to serve with the fries.

- for the best results drain any excess oil using a paper towel

- serve your chips wile hot, as a side or main dish.

- the flour is important, it helps the chips crisp.

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