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The Smallest Woman In The World Finds Love — This Is The Woman And Her Alleged Husband

Don't give up on love. It is said that love is a beautiful thing. If the smallest woman in the world can find love, then nothing stops you from getting or meeting the love of your life. It is just a matter of time and reality will set in. Although Jyoti may look like a young child at first glance, she's very much an adult — and resents when others treat her like a kid. (Who wouldn't?) The question whether she's romantically linked or married to anyone has naturally come up.

Back in 2017, a then 23-year-old Jyoti filed a complaint against a man who started circulating photos of his reported marriage with her. 

Due to some criticism from people all over the world regarding the alleged marriage, the sister of Jyoti said that the two are not married. Some people are attacking the so-called marriage thinking that the two will be intimate, but hell no. The man must not try that, else he will commit murder. He can only play with her and use her for photographs, nothing more. In fact, Jyoti's sister said, “For two-three days, some pictures have been circulated on social media about the alleged marriage of my sister to a person of Indian origin in the U.S.,” Jyoti's sister Archana said, according to The Hindu. “We don’t even know his name. He is misusing those pictures. We want to clarify that Jyoti is unmarried”.

The lady who won the award in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest woman in the world is said to have gotten married secretly, leading many people worried about her safety. The lady is too small to perform wife's roles, and she can't give birth to babies as well. This is what got many people worried, and they started contacting the family of Jyoti to know what happened and why she got married to the Indian man. However, her sister insisted she is not married. She cannot easily get married because she needs around the clock care. Will the husband be able to provide that round the clock care? The lady may not be able to play her wife's duties or roles due to her small size, but she will be able to make you famous and an instant celebrity. Since the sister said she is not married, you can try your luck as well, who knows, she could be the right person for you, the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh. Height and size do not matter, it is love that truly matters. 

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