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USB cord stuck in teen' 4-5

A 15 year old boy from the United Kingdom underwent an emergency surgery after he got the USB stuck in his 4-5.

According to the case study published in the medical journal Urology Case Reports, the cord stuck during a sexual experiment.

It is reported that after the teen failed to remove the cable himself, he called out for help as soon as he saw blood in his urine and he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

"Following the request to be examined without his mother's knowledge, he confessed that he inserted the cord into his urethra to measure the length of his 4-5 triggered by sexual curiosity.

The surgery went well and the boy was discharged from the hospital the following day.

A similar case was later reported that, where a 30 year old man underwent surgery after 8 beats stuck in his 4-5, also during a sexual experiment.

Daily post reported that the beats stuck in the wrong of the man's 4-5, who was hoping to ejaculate them during ejaculated.

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