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"She looked Descent" See Rose Mary's Picture As A cop Before She Killed 6 people

Date: 21/09/21



Many people are aware of Rosemary as one of the most craziest woman to ever go inside a South African court. She has been trending ever since she started her court case which involves the killing of six family members in order to gain money from their life insurance. Many people only know her from the pictures and videos that were seen in the courtroom but none of them know who she was or what she looked like while she was a police officer.


Pictures of her in police uniform have surfaced on the internet and it has South Africans going crazy. They are surprised that the very same person in the picture and in the South African police service uniform is the killer that is being trialed now.

It seems that ever since she started ber trial of allegedly killing six people, she has let herself go and now really imported the looks of a crazy person. She seems like she no longer takes care of herself and everything about her screams of a person who is mentally ill.

It is not known exactly what took place for her to look this way but some believe that maybe it is the guilt of killing so many people who were innocent only to gain money. Many people are still saying that she was better off as a police officer because now she is mentally unstable.


There was a saying that if you are to take a life on this earth, it should and will weigh heavy on you for the rest of your life. When you see such pictures, it shows that that saying could be true as everything went south for Rosemary after the killings. She now looks like an old woman and looks like she gave up on herself.

What is your take on the matter? Why do you think Rosemary looks the way that she does now compared to the time that she was a police officer for the South African police service?

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