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President Cyril Ramaphosa Said something that made the unemployed people puzzled and angry

During the president's address on a national teaching conference on Wednesday , the president said something that was unpleasant to hear in the ears of unemployed people of South Africa. To begin with, the president said that the most unemployed people of South Africa does not have skills to get employment.

His exact words were that “Some of the young work-seekers are not well educated and do not possess sufficient skills and previous work experience demanded by employers in the labour market,” people then took it to social media expressing their feelings and how disappointed they are on what he said.

People shared their opinions on why is that so, they concluded that the reason for this Accuracy is because of the corrupt leader of the ANC, in addition to that was that if the ANC leaders were not corrupt, so much money could have been put in to building educational skills sectors for those who did not further their education.

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