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It ends in tears for the lady who exposes South African unemployment and WhatsApp.

In South Africa, three out of every four young people are unemployed. I am one of them. That is not a joke.

South Africa's Thembani Flag

Delete the tweeted message.

It could escalate into something worse; avoid allowing it to trend; imagine facing a disciplinary hearing over a tweet if you were employed. You never know who may have taken a screenshot of this.

While I understand that this was intended as a joke, it can come across as a little tone deaf in light of the country we live in. Not to mention the possibility of a global epidemic Grimacing face. When it comes to South Africa, unemployment is a particularly sensitive subject, as there are so many young people who have graduated yet are jobless. A lady turned to her social media account to turn the Whatsapp scenario into a comedy, but her joke did not go over well with the public. Instead of being optimistic, they decided to be completely negative.


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