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Menopause and affecting your body shape.

After listening to the opinions of ladies over the age of 50, we found that according to their own views, menopause is closely related to changes in body shape. Well, we know that it is natural to gain weight after your menstrual cycle is over.

The reason may be the lifestyle of these women, what they eat and how they feel about themselves. However, this does not really tell us why women have gained more and more weight at this particular stage of their lives, and only in certain parts of the body (such as the body).

As young women in the abdominal department, they accumulate fat in the pelvic area. In fact, it turns out that such women have gone through a process involving various hormonal fluctuations. In menopause, the menstrual cycle is completely stopped, so estrogen is less and less stimulated. Lack of estrogen will cause more and more obesity.

During the premenopausal period, women gain more weight in the pelvic area. However, after the menstrual cycle ceases forever, fat will find another part of the body to settle down, which is the abdomen or the center of the abdomen.

Therefore, women of this particular age are more prone to heart problems than any earlier age. Because of this, as men and women grow older, most of their muscle mass will be converted into fat, and their metabolism will slow down.

In other words, you must adapt to a healthy diet from an early age. In addition, the administration of estrogen can help reduce some of the negative effects of menopause. In fact, studies have shown that this hormone therapy can help weight gain.

At first, women may feel that their body is bloated with a lot of water in it, but soon all these symptoms will disappear. In addition, after adjusting cholesterol levels, warning women of this age with estrogen can reduce the incidence of heart disease.

Similarly, other studies have shown that this hormone therapy can cause breast cancer. Now, when women start to feel it, what can they do? Start with a healthier diet based primarily on fresh fruits, vegetables, and fiber, while keeping sugar and fat to a minimum.

Do active exercise 3 times a week. As you age, your activity level tends to decrease, so try to make up for this by exercising as much as possible. With your health, career and childcare may be difficult.

Taking a few minutes from your busy schedule every day can solve the whole problem for you.

Exercise with light dumbbells and then gradually move upwards to keep the muscle mass intact.

Jogging and cycling can definitely help the leg muscles.

Stay flexible and always be happy and satisfied with your new body shape, no matter what.

When planning to try a new exercise, be sure to seek expert help in case you suffer from a physical illness.

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