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Exercises for your bulging disc.

In this case, both halves are right half the time, which means they are also wrong about half the time.

Having a herniated or protruding disc is a bit like driving faster with a flat tire. It's a bumpy race and it tears the tire apart. Doesn't it make more sense to pull off the road and stop?

Yes, this is rather confusing considering that you have all understood how important exercise is supposed to be. I have seen patients who have been prescribed a back brace or neck collar, who have been taken out of work and have stopped doing all the fun things, which of course are designed to limit joint movement and provide relief.

muscle tension, which also have physical therapy and home exercises have been prescribed. Are they not opposite poles? Isn't rest the opposite of exercise?

Brushing and flossing won't help Understand that spinal exercises in the world of physical medicine are very similar to brushing and flossing in the dental world. If you have a toothache, can you buy a new toothbrush and double the dental floss to make the pain go away?

No, you can't, as brushing and flossing won't help with the underlying cavity that's causing the pain. You know this to be true, so why do you hear so much about the importance of brushing and flossing if we all agree that it won't stop a tooth from hurting?

Obviously, because brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay, it doesn't fix it - it helps prevent it. Back and neck exercises won't solve a disc problem for the same reason and if done too early or too rigorously, they can actually make matters worse. So why do you hear so much about the importance of spine exercises for back pain and neck pain?

Because it helps prevent next time. You see, a puncture will never change on its own, but sometimes a disc can heal without intervention, so exercise can help prevent a recurrence. Rest to start by doing less, and as the lump gradually subsides, exercise more with the goal of prevention next time. If the lump or lump does not heal on its own, seek help.

True, as if you had a flat tire, you could drive anyway and cause more damage or not drive at all, but that's not a way to live and it only postpones the inevitable. I guess it's also true that you could live with a toothache, but I'm afraid not long enough.

What could have been handled with a simple filling eventually requires a root canal, then crowns or bridges, and then dentures. No one voluntarily gets dentures like no one voluntarily undergoes spinal surgery, but too soon you run out of options. Doesn't it make more sense to deal with the disc that is causing the pain and then do the necessary exercises to prevent it next time?

When a damaged disc just won't heal on its own, find out about spinal decompression before you run out of options. Modern medical science finally has an answer for those who suffer from chronic neck pain or lower back pain.

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