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ANC has been given a mandate to remove Cyril Ramaphosa before December or this will happen.

The ANC was given a time frame to remove Cyril Ramaphosa before December. In a tweet that has been making the rounds, In a tweet captioned "If the ANC doesn't remove Ramaphosa before the end of December, We will have no choice but to remove the ANC" that has been making the rounds on Twitter.This happened after a movement that was launched by the daughter of the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, who goes by the name of Duduzile Zuma. 



Here are some of the comments by followers on Twitter.


"We never failed. When the ANC failed the people, the people fired warning shots at the ANC. If the ANC continues to ignore the call to "Remove Ramaphosa" in the 2024 elections, we will not hesitate to put a bullet straight through the heart of the ANC. That would be the end of the ANC. We have given the ANC several chances, believing that they would deliver services to the community, but they have failed. "



This was the comment that was posted by one of the followers who took part in the Ramaphosa must go movement. Even though some of the people are backing up the movement, there were some who said this:


"My leader, Cyril, was elected by the conference of the ANC. Who are you to discredit the decisions of the branches of the ANC? Who taught you politics and recruited you into the ANC? Whose battles are you fighting? This is an insult to the organization and its members. Maybe you have forgotten that you are nothing in the first place. What makes you think you can influence Anc people? Being a daughter of Zuma doesn't make you a hero in the Anc. Anc branches in all provinces will decide, not you and your family. You think you're more important than the ANC. Leave Cyril Ramaphosa alone and allow him to fix this country at his own pace. "Twitter followers stated.

 Here are some of the screenshots from Twitter.








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