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Free uber rides to vaccination sites? They will soon run out of ideas on how to push their vaccines


Uber is offering free rides to and from the vaccination sites, the offer is for anyone going to a select vaccination site - South African GovernmentIt is clearly not free because tax payers are paying for it and half of uber drivers is family and friends of the ANC government but, nothing in life is free including the covid vaccine as it is not sustainable, stop lying to people. Be honest for once in 27 years. If you'll stressed about poverty, unemployment and crime like how you'll are annoyingly stressing about the vaccination, South Africa would be a better plac, if service delivery had such efforts like the way you guys push this vaccination thing south Africans would have had heaven on earthHow about mahala rides to a job opportunity, you are now running out of ideas soon, the south African military will be called to drag people to vaccine sites kicking and screaming. They have tried almost everythi, they once offered a bribe of 100 rand vouchers, discounts in shops now they have patnered with Uber and they want it to sound as if its free but we all know that they have transferred milions, to the uber company using tax payers' money. We are back to tenders where the ANC creates a situation and later bring their syndicate to do it. Why do they care tgis much about treating healthy people using a bad vaccine which leads to illness or death, it is clear that the vaccine was created so they can control us, the control started the day we accepted the masks and they thought we will fall for their next move, well we will never fall for their trap we will never sell our souls to the devil, cant they let us be and see if we will all die, we are led

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