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Cyril Ramaphosa Drops An Unexpected Bombshell To South Africa Because of This || See Why


Source: eyewitnesses News

It has now been two weeks since the African National Congress has been running a manifesto in respect to the upcoming election to be held on the 1st of November 2021. This is the only opportunity for different political parties to lure voters on their side so they can conquer this local government election. It is no longer a secret that the people of South Africa have given up hope in the African National Congress as they no longer promise the service delivery to the people, but they are busy filling up their pockets using south African votes.

This can be proven that youth Africans have had enough about the top 6 members they voted as they are in those positions for themselves and not for those who voted them. This is because every member elected to be part of the top six has been implicated with corruption and this has led to the countries poor economic performance. This can be proven that the issue of the high unemployment rate in South Africa is influenced by high corruption influence which has contributed to the country's poor economic performance.

Cyril Ramaphosa drops an Unexpected bombshell on south Africans because of this discovery. This is because of the things the ruling party did to the country of which now the people of South Africa must continue to vote for the ANC or else they are lost. This might sound like a fact but ever since the ANC has been given power in 1994, the lack of service delivery is still a huge pandemic and this is always influenced by people protesting for service delivery. Ramaphosa made a huge impact that south Africans are nothing without the ruling party and this sounds like the ANC is running out of ideas to make South Africans vote for the party.

What is your intake on this and why?

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