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Zuma should let ANC leaders campaign and for him must take care of his life since he is not well

Zuma should allow the ANC leaders to campaign for the local government elections and for him, he must take good care of his illness since he was granted medical parole early last month.

This comes after he speaks for the first time pleads with people to vote ANC for the ruling ANC In the upcoming local government elections.

Zuma's non-profit organization, the JG Zuma Foundation, yesterday posted a video of him on social media urging South Africans to vote for the party he leads, the ANC.

Zuma said the reason was recording a video is because he heard that there are some people had gone strike to not vote because of various reason.

Zuma said it was heartbreaking to hear that some people had gone on strike to not vote for the ANC because for various reasons.

Zuma on the video he said that Let us all stand up and vote, especially for the party that brought freedom, the ANC.

It is important that we do that. But Zuma now must allow the leader of the ANC to do their job and let him enjoy his pension and recover from his illness.

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