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It is possible that the employer can ask you to continue wearing a mask at the workplace

Labour lawyer Sherisa Rajah Baird says it's possible that your employer can ask you to continue wearing a mask at the workplace. She says that the employer must consider the well-being of all workers. Government has done away with the rules on wearing masks.

Here are the comments about the recent updates about wearing of mask

"South Africans can be really selfish all these comments is about me and what i want and my rights what about the next person and their rights and the safety of their families when an employer requires you to wear a mask its withing their right as they protect you, you co-worker and the families that would be affected at the end its not only you and your rights that takes priority over others. Every one has the right life, and freedom to earn an income and your selfish attitude can result in someone else's rights being infringed on"

"Whats the fine of wearing mask after it was declared not neccesary?"

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