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After stubborn house owner refused to move his house for road construction, see what government did

The photograph below is particularly noteworthy since it depicts a house in the center of a street that has been left unoccupied.

View the results of what transpired when an obstinate landlord refused to let the housework to continue. When the government determines that highways or bridges are required to transport cars and residents from one location to another, residences will be removed to make room for infrastructure development.

In accordance with the Daily Mail, the owner of the house between the two bridges refused to leave Guangzhou for three years, and as a result, the project's construction crews erected bridges next to the mansion and redeveloped the region. The space in the residence is really limited.

Immediately following the completion of the bridges, the guy was interviewed, and he stated his enthusiasm for the way he lived his life, expressing that he was naturally calm and free.

Due to the fact that the owners are not receiving compensation and are not prepared to give up their property in exchange for the construction of a new structure, this is one of China's so-called "nail houses."


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