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OPINION: When we are talking about talent, this is what we mean. Check the pictures

This is Kurhula Makhuvele, a South African Baker from Limpopo at Giyani. Kurhula got many talents especially when it comes to baking cakes. She does different types of cakes such as personalized cakes, wedding cakes and designed cakes. She took her time and made a cake that looks like a frog, a big one.

The girl is talented and she uses her talent to make a living. She is all over social media with her cakes and people are very impressed by her incredible work that she is doing.

Frogs are very scary and they live in water but this talented young lady made a cake that looks exactly like a frog, just to show her talent and that she is able and she can do whatever that she wants to do with her hands. This is the girl who once mad a cake that looks exactly like DJ Black Coffee, color and height

After Black Coffees won his grammy Award, she went on and baked a cake of his size, a cake like a statue holding his award in hand and people were so impressed wishing that Black Coffee could see that cake.

Here are the are cakes she have baked so far

You can find others on her Facebook page by the name Kurhula Makhuvele

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