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Signs showing you what you have been praying for is on the way

You feel at ease about it, you just feel extremely calm and excited about what is coming. You are not scared or worried about whether you will get your wish because you feel like it's coming. Normally human beings worry about everything. If you notice yourself excited and calm then know that your soul already knows your prayer was answered. 

You will start to notice more of what you prayed for. If you prayed for a car then you start seeing the make and model you like everywhere you are. If you have a favorite color then you keep seeing the model you want in the color you want. This is a clear sign you are about to drive it.

When things start getting worse than they were before. If you prayed for money but suddenly notice yourself running low on money and start needing more of it then know your prayer is answered and the money you prayed for is on the way. The reason things get worse before getting better is that you are being tested on your faith, stay firm in your intention and all the new problems will disappear and your wish will be granted. 

When you pray God sends opportunities to help you get your wish. You might get a job, a promotion, or be able to start a new business so you can be able to get what you prayed for. Prayer works hand in hand with action. Have a goal, write it down, make plans, and take action towards them. 

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