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Dj Tira gets the recognition that he needs, see what people are saying



Mzanzi can admit that Dj Tira is different from other artists because he is one of the artists that didn't move to Gauteng, where he wanted to make a name for himself but he just stayed in his hometown of Durban and turned it into the entertainment hub of this country when it comes to the music.

Durban is different from other cities and people like Tira are the first ones to give the artist from Johannesburg a run for their own money because they brought the new style of music to the country, which has attracted a lot of tourists when it comes to entertainment and business.

The city is one of the best choices when it comes to hosting the best events in the country like music festivals and Durban July this day, it is also hosting cup final for the big soccer teams in the football league which has given chance to a lot of the artist to come and perform on the stadium.

But credit must go to Dj Tira because he keeps on doing good music which is making people dance all over the day and many people are loving it, because it brings joy to their faces every day when they see Durban artists doing this things live on stage during the event.

Tira has made Durban music different from others because of the style and dance that he brings and many people on social media have recognised him like that, which is very good for his career because this might help him to know-how are the fans are feeling about his music.

He has also produced a lot of talent in this country and most of his artist are also coming from Durban which boosts the economy of the city a lot, because it helps to promote other businesses in the community where young people are coming to the events to sell their products.

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